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Prospective Students


Department Head: Kathy Puzey

Specializations: Art Education, Art History, Ceramics, Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture

Degrees offered: Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA), Bachelor of Art (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor of Interior Design (BID)

The Department of Art and Design's primary goal is to prepare undergraduate students for careers in either teaching or the applied and fine arts. Requirements in nine different emphasis areas address the specific needs of each career. The Department of Art and Design also serves the University community by offering courses in the University Studies program and by offering training in applied art areas for students in related degree programs. In addition to these undergraduate objectives the department offers courses that lead to a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science Degree (BS)
The BS degree is a studio Art degree which does not limit the student to only one area of emphasis. This degree requires 50 semester credits in Art, 30 in University Studies, and allows 40 elective credits. A GPA of 2.5 in foundation and emphasis courses is required for the BS degree. No grade less than C is acceptable in any art class. Art courses may be retaken for a higher grade. This degree does not fulfill the requirements for entrance into Graduate Schools of Art.
Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA)
This degree is available to students who are primarily selecting an emphasis in Art History at USU. BA degree candidates should complete the majority of University Studies lower-division requirements, the modern language requirement, and the foundation curriculum by the end of the sophomore year. This will allow concentration in an area of specialization during the junior and senior years.

In addition, BA candidates must either complete requirements for the Art History emphasis as listed below, or the studio art requirements as listed under the BS degree. The major professor may also prescribe other courses to serve the particular needs of different students. A minimum of 50 semester hours in art is necessary for this degree.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA)
The BFA is a professional art degree requiring above-average accomplishment in art. Only students demonstrating considerable promise will be accepted for this more demanding professional degree. Students interested in the BFA degree program should have a GPA of at least 2.75. Application to the BFA program should be made during the semester in which the Art Foundation courses and the required area core class will be completed. Depending on emphasis area, this will be either spring of their freshman year or fall of their sophomore year. Transfer students may make application during Spring semester prior to their entrance to USU.

A minimum 2.75 grade point average in the foundation and basic core and minimum grade of B- in all Art classes is required. Emphasis classes can be retaken for a higher grade. A minimum of 78 semester hours in Art, including 12 semester hours of Art History; and 2 credits in BFA exhibition (spring semester), must be completed for the BFA degree. The standard University Studies requirement of 30 hours and 20 semester hours of electives also apply.

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
The Master of Fine Art degree is the terminal degree in the visual arts field. The MFA program is designed to allow students to mature to a level of professional competence in the making of art. Related studies augment a rigorous studio program. The prospective student must exhibit both academic excellence and a well-developed personal artistic vision. The MFA is a three year degree. Learn more about our MFA program at USU.

Department of Art + Design Curriculum

Students in the BS and BFA degree programs (BA foundation courses described under Art History) need to complete the following foundation curriculum.

These courses should be taken during the first semester, freshman year:

  • ART 1020  Drawing I.
  • ART 1120 or Art 1130, Two Dimensional Design or Three Dimensional Design
  • ARTH  2710 Survey of Western Art I: Prehistoric to Medieval

These courses should be taken during the second semester, freshman year:

  • ART 1120 or ART 1130, Two Dimensional Design or Three Dimensional Design
  • ARTH 2720, Survey of Western Art II: Renaissance to Post-Modern
  • BID students should also take ID 1790, Interior Design Thinking

During the student's sophomore year they should select courses from the following core classes:

  • ART 2110, Drawing II
  • ART 2400, Computers and Art;
  • ART 2200, Painting I;
  • ART 2230, Basic Printmaking;
  • ART 2600, Basic Sculpture;
  • ART 2650, Introduction to Ceramics;

Subsequent curriculum requirements are specific to individual emphasis areas:

* Check with the Department of Art and Design office for specific information or the links listed below.

Minor Requirements

Art Minor Requirements
The requirements for a minor in art are flexible. Generally, the minimum requirements include ART 1020 Drawing I, ART 1120 and ART 1130, ARTH 2710 Survey of Western Art I, ARTH 2720 Survey of Western Art II, and 3 credits of additional ART classes. To plan a minor in Art students should meet with an advisor.
USU does not offer an art teaching minor for secondary teachers. Students choosing to train for teaching art in secondary schools must complete the art education major listed under art specialties and must comply with all requirements listed by the Department of Secondary Education.

Art History Minor Requirements
A minor in art history requires ARTH 2710 Survey of Western Art I, ARTH 2720 Survey of Western Art II, plus 12 credits from the art history group.
Requirement Changes
Graduation requirements shown are subject to change. Students should check with the department and advisor concerning possible changes.

The Department of Art and Design faculty reserves the right to retain any student works of their choice for purpose of display, exhibition, and addition to the permanent collection.

Admission Requirements

Students applying to the Department of Art and Design are likely to be admitted as either Undeclared (mostly transfer students) or Art Undeclared, Interior Design Undeclared, or Art History Undeclared.  Art & Interior Design students will have to complete the art foundation courses as well as an emphasis area core class before submitting a portfolio for their desired emphasis area. 
Art History students will have to complete the Art History foundation courses before meeting with an Art History professor to be admitted to the BA Art History degree program.

Students applying for the BS or BFA degrees should have a GPA of at least 2.75. A 3.0 GPA is required for the BA in Art History.

Transfer students with 60 or more transfer credits and/or an Associates Degree must submit a portfolio to the Department of Art & Design before being admitted. Portfolio's are reviewed twice a year by the Department of Art & Design; in October for admission for spring semester, and in March for admission for fall semester. Students should check the department website for specific dates and deadlines. Students should set up an appointment with the Art & Design advisor, Angela Neff, to discuss the criteria for the portfolio. Appointments can be made by going to Click on Caine College of the Arts then click on Angela's name.
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