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  • USU Competes in the 2016 Fashion Remix

    fashionremixFashion Remix 2016

    USU Design Team / Emily Thaxton, Ali Guymon, Autum Shakespeare and Hailey Fonda Owen


    Architecture and design firms and students were paired with product vendors to create one of a kind ensembles using only design and building materials. Utah State students from the interior design program paired with 3form using resin panels to design a dress. The event is sponsored by the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and raises money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


    Jakarta, named after the striking capital of Indonesia, aims to capitalize on the architecturally stimulating forms of traditional, Indonesian architecture. Intricately conjoined shapes terminating in points and peaks create static movement characteristically define these Indonesian structures.


    In necessity to adequately embody this grandiose type of architecture an avant-garde, structural fashion style was selected. Constructed out of the hard surface, interior material 3Form, the geometric dress was fabricated using an origami-like technique. A local CNC router was sourced to cut the one-of-a-kind dress pattern and score critical folding lines. Upon the completion of the CNC router, each of the five dress pieces were individually folded on score lines to form shell-like pieces. Finally, each folded piece was adhered to the other individual pieces resulting in a captivating geometric arrangements of shapes, structural voids, and a rigid appearance recalling the architectural presence of Indonesian architecture.