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Printmaking at Utah State University is renowned for their thriving community of skilled faculty and students who are deeply committed to innovation in traditional print processes. Courses focus on the print media of intaglio, lithography, relief, and screen printing. Beyond process students are asked to consider the immense range of what a print can be, the influence of printed media in art movements, the history of information, and the future of reproducible media.  

While expanding the definition of print, students are encouraged to develop their work in a collaborative learning environment through critical review, mentoring, engaging assignments, and discussions. Graduates of the printmaking program become self-sustaining artists, educators, and designers. The strength of the program starts with the close community of printmakers and faculty and reaches out to a growing network of alumni in the fields of art, academia, and design. 

Printmaking BFA four year plan

Printmaking BFA portfolio review information

Printmaking BFA application

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Printmaking Faculty:

Kathy Puzey - Associate Professor of Printmaking/ Department Head

Amanda Lee - Assistant Professor of Printmaking

Kristin Sarette - Printmaking Lab Manager

Holland Larsen - Adjunct Instructor


44 x 84 in Takach press
24 x 36 in Takach (table top) press
36 x 60 in Charles Brand press
27 x 51 in Shin Nihon Zokei etching press
18 x 36 in Sturges etching press
Vertical and horizontal ferric baths
Rosin box 28 x 36 in max plate size
24 36 in hot plate
32 x 57 in Griffin litho press
31 x 59 in Artley litho press
50+ litho stones
29 x 64 in graining sink
Ventilation hood / processing area
45 x 36 in Amergraph vacuum exposure unit
Dedicated dark room with UV safe lights
Dedicated screen washout room and pressure washer
18 x 25 in Hacker 4 proof press
19 x 24 in Vandercook No. 2 proof press
14 x 18 in Challenge 1418E
5 x 8 in Kelsey
48 drawers of metal type