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Malcolm Duffin Poster

Malcolm Duffin (Spring 2004)

Mitchell Mahk Poster

Mitchell Mauk (Spring 2005)

Charlotte Moss Poster

Charlotte Moss (Spring 2005)

Frances McDougal Poster

Frances MacDougall (Fall 2005)

Scott Corridan Poster

Scott Corridan (Spring 2006)

Ed Bakos Rockwell Group Poster

Ed Bakos/Rockwell Group (Spring 2007)

Barry Dixon Poster

Barry Dixon (Spring 2007)

Penny Bonda

Penny Bonda (Spring 2007)

Karim Rashid Poster

Karim Rashid (Fall 2007)

Vincent Wolf Poster

Vicente Wolf (Fall 2008)

Perkins and Will poster

Eileen Jones/ Perkins + Will (Fall 2008)

Angela Adams Poster

Angela Adams (Spring 2009)

Ghislaine Vinas Poster

Ghislaine Viñas (Spring 2011)

Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe poster

Todd Nickey/ Amy Kehoe (Fall 2011)

Steven Volpe Poster

Steven Volpe (Spring 2013)

Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz Poster

Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz (Spring 2015)

Jamie Drake poster

Jamie Drake (Spring 2006)

Caleb Anderson Poster

Caleb Anderson (Spring 2017)

Sheila Bridges visiting artist

Sheila Bridges (Spring 2018)

Kejeon Jeon visiting artist

Kejeon Jeon (Spring 2018)

Campion Platt Visiting Artist

Campion Platt (Spring 2018)


Jennifer Kohlstad visiting designer

Jennifer Kohlstad (Spring 2018)

Gabrielle Bullock visiting designer

Gabrielle Bullock (Fall 2019)

Young Huh visiting designer

Young Huh (Spring 2020)