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Art History

The art history emphasis is the study of human visual expression from its earliest manifestations in the Paleolithic to the present. Interdisciplinary to its core, art history seeks to describe the physical, visual, social, and philosophical dimensions of works of art. At USU, the art history B.A. offers two tracks, one focused on developing a depth of knowledge in the field of art history, the other on linking art historical study of a particular theme or period to related fields. The program features opportunities for hands-on research experience, museum internships, and study abroad. The B.A. in art history equips you with the skills employers most value: effective oral and written communication, critical thinking and analytical reasoning, the ability to analyze and solve complex problems, familiarity with foreign languages, and the ability to innovate and be creative.

Art history BA four year plan

Art History Faculty:

Laura Gelfand - Professor of Art History

Alexa Sand - Professor of Art History

Marissa Vigneault - Assistant Professor of Art History

David Wall - Associate Professor of Visual and Media Studies

Alvaro Ibarra - Temporary Assistant Professor of Art History