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  • General Scholarship Application 2017
    If currently enrolled, please use the grade currently showing on Canvas.
    ART 1020 Drawing 1
    ART 1120 2-D Design
    ART 1130 3-D Design
    ARTH 2710 Survey of Western Art(1)
    ARTH 2720 Survey of Western Art(2)

    Submission Instructions:


    Ten (10) digital images(1080x1080 OR 1080x720) of artwork created in last two years.

    • For current first-year program students, submit same portfolio as for the BS Portfolio Review.
    • For those who are declared Art History majors, please submit one (1) sample essay no longer than 2000 words.

    List of Works:

    A list with all of the following information for all 10 images:

    • course for which the work was made (if applicable)
    • course instructor's name (if applicable)
    • title of the assignment (if applicable)
    • medium
    • size
    • brief (1-2 sentence) description of the assignment, or describe the artistic challenge presented in the work and your solution

    Fillable PDF Template


    A short letter that states how scholarship money will benefit your education, no longer than 250 words.


    An UNOFFICIAL transcript. (pull from banner)

    To submit:

    Please combine your portfolio, list of works, letter and transcript into a single .pdf file and name it with your last name and first name as follows: lastname.firstname.pdf. Then upload it below.