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Art + Design Notable Alumni


Allison Brown

Allison Brown (BID 2018) has been named the IIDA Commercial Interior Design Association student of the year for 2018. The IIDA Student of the Year award recognizes an IIDA Student Member who has significantly impacted their school’s interior design program through outstanding leadership, insight, and involvement. 


Parker Zimmerman

Parker Zimmerman (BFA/Printmaking 2018) has received a teaching assistantship from Indiana University as he persues his MFA in Printmaking.


Jonathan Christensen

Jonathan Christensen (BFA/Sculpture 2014) is pursuing his MFA in Sculpture at Indiana University. 


Maryam Al Suwaidi

Maryam Al Suwaidi (MS/Interior Design 2010) partnered with her husband (USU Alum, Sulaiman Althehli) and started her interior design firm Design Talk Interior Design Studio, where she is the head designer and creative director. She currently handles commercial and corporate projects like Spas, F&Bs, Retail shops, offices, and exhibition stands.

Additionally, Maryam has been designing furniture pieces and participating in art exhibitions since 2010. In 2016, she took part in the Architectural digest event “Art of Dining” where she designed a table setup with a story. Maryam was also featured next to my partner/husband in Harpers Bazaar magazine, featuring their new firm, which they moved into in 2017.