Visiting Artist Program at USU


The Visiting Artist Program began in 1988 and has been supported in the past by the Marie Eccles Caine Foundation, the Utah Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts, the Utah Humanities Council, The Marriner S. Eccles Foundation, and others. We also have the support of the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art and the Caine College of the Arts.

We have been honored to host participants such as:




A.D. Coleman Photo Critic
Ah Leon Ceramics
Akiko Taniguchi Printmaking
Alan Magee Painting/Sculpting
Alfio Bonanno Sculpting
Alice Leora Briggs Drawing
Alison Saar Sculpting
Arthur Danto Art Critic
Bart Parker Photographic Collage
Bogdan Achimescu Drawing/Sculpting
Chester Nealie Ceramics
Chris Gustin Ceramics
Christopher James Photography/Painting
Craig Frazier Graphic Design
Crispin Sartwell Philosophy
Dave Hickey Art Critic
David Secrest Sculptor
Deborah Butterfield Sculptor
Ed Hill and Suzanne Bloom (MANUAL) Photography
Ed Musante Painting
Ed Paschke Painting
Elisa Helland-Hansen Ceramics
Ellen Dissanayake Author
Estelle Jussim History
Esther Parada Photography
Frances Myers Printmaking
Golan Levin Interactive Art
Hung Liu Painting
Jack Troy Ceramics
James Elkins Art History
James Surls Sculpting
Jane Hammond Photography/Painting
Jaune Quick-To-See Smith Painter
Jerry Saltz Art Critic
Joel Snyder Art History
Joshua Davis Graphic Design
Judy Natal Photography
Jungjin Lee Photographyn
Karen Kunc Printmaking
Keun-Byung Yook Sculpting
Krzysztof Skorczewski Printmaking
Krzysztof Wodiczko Video
Lawrence Weschler Writing
Lucy Lippard Art Critic
Mark Hewitt Ceramics
Mark Klett Photographer
Mary Beth Edelson Photography/Painting
Paul Greenhalgh Art History
Phyllis Bramson Painting
Richard Notkin Ceramics
Rita Dewitt Photography
Robert Cottingham Painter
Robert ParkeHarrison Photography
Robert Turner Photography
Robin Hopper Ceramics
Sean Caulfield Drawing
Steve Smith Drawing
Svend Bayer Ceramics
Terry Allen Painting
Tony Nankervis Ceramics
Vernon Fisher Painting
Walter Jule Printmaking
Walter Ostrom Ceramics
Warrington Colescott Printmaking/Painting

Caine College of the Arts Marie Eccles Caine Foundation National Endowment for the Arts Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art Utah Arts Council Utah Humanities Council

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