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Research is discovery! The Utah State University Undergraduate Research Program offers students a wide range of opportunities to get their hands on research and make their own discoveries.

Started in 1975, the USU Undergraduate Research Program is the second oldest undergraduate program in the nation next to M.I.T. Utah State University has a tradition of outstanding undergraduate research, grounded in the close relationships between faculty and students. That partnership is a hallmark of a Utah State undergraduate education.

The Undergraduate Research and Creative Opportunities (URCO) program allows students to apply for grants and receive funding from the Vice President for Research Office for their research each semester. Initiated in 1975, the URCO program has helped hundreds of students get their hands on research at Utah State University.

Students who complete research projects have opportunities to present their work at the annual on-campus Student Showcase, the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research, the state and national "Posters on the Hill," and at professional meetings. Some of USU’s students' projects are published in professional journals. Scholarly work of this caliber positions students well for employment, further professional education, and graduate school.

For more information about Undergraduate Research at Utah State University, visit the Undergraduate Research Program website http://research.usu.edu/undergrad/ or contact Scott Bates, Associate Vice President for Research at 435-797-1706 or email scott.bates@usu.edu.

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