Research an art movement of the American West.

The museum holds collections in the movements of Post Surrealist, Modernism from the 30s and 40s, The Dynatons, San Francisco Abstract Expressionism, The Beats, Abstract Classicist, Conceptual art and contemporary art. Help to research and write information panels that will appear with the exhibits and on the website for these art movements.

Research Jean Pierre Hèbert

Jean Pierre Hèbert (http://hebert.kitp.ucsb.edu/index.html.) is a new artist in the collection that bridges the fields of computer science and art. He calls his work Algorithmic art or generative art. Research more about this artist, help to right an information panel and help install a new piece to the collection ³Sisyphe²

Research Portrait of Lady Ann Montague

The museum has a painting attributed to William Hogarth. Research the history of this painting. Is it by William Hogarth or one of his students? What is its provenance? Who is Lady Montague?

Research Permutations: Kinetic art, sound art, art that changes.

Help with the research on an exhibition which will include art that utilizes, sounds, motion or objects that change in someway. It will include pioneers in kinetic work like David Kramer, Stephan Van Heune, Fletcher Benton and Charles Mattox as well as contemporary artist such as Sean Duffy and Martin Kersels, which carry on the tradition in new ways. Artists to be included: Trimpin, Stephan Von Heune, Martin Kersels, Sean Duffy, Jack Goldstein, Charles Matttox, Doris Tatten Chase, Peter Krasnow, Guy de Cointet, Terry Fox, Tom Marioni, Allan McCollum, Channa Horwitz, Arlo Acton, Fletcher Benton, Paul Kos, Paul De Marinis.

For more information, please email Deb Banerjee: deborah.banerjee@usu.edu

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