Study Abroad: Germany

The USU Department of Art & Design Summer Semester in Germany offers students an opportunity for five weeks of travel in Europe while they are enrolled in four separate but interrelated courses. With a homebase in Essen, at the confluence of the Rhine and the Ruhr rivers, students can easily explore the cultural and historical offerings of Germany and Europe. The area offers more than 100 important museums which span 2000 years of western civilization. Contemporary Bauhaus collections, Aachen, seat of the Holy Roman Empire, the former Roman settlement of Cologne as well as Paris and Amsterdam are all easily reached from the Ruhrgebiet by excellent train service.

While in Essen, students will stay at the Grend Cultural Center in Steele, a village within the city of Essen. Grend has had many incarnations, first as a school building in the 19th century, later as the town hall of Steele, and now as a focus of the cultural life of the village. The top floor has accommodations for up to 18 students. The ground floor houses a Spanish restaurant which will provide students with meal service, a theater, and rooms where continuing education classes for adults are taught. Markets and shops of every kind are all located in the neighborhood.

Most students participating in the Summer Semester in Germany will be enrolled for twelve credits. The emphasis will be on on-site research at galleries and museums as well as on drawing and painting outside from the landscape, architecture and the sights and sounds of the local environment. A post-semester assignment combined with five intensive weeks of study in Europe will make each course worth three semester credits.

The Summer Semester in Germany is an annual program, scheduled each year in the early summer. For more information please contact Professor Christopher Terry or the USU Study Abroad office.


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