Graduate Art Course Descriptions

6100. Graduate Drawing Studio (3-9)
Advanced individual drawing projects designed to aid in preparation for the thesis project. (Prerequisite: graduate status) (Repeatable for credit)

6200. Graduate Painting Studio (3-9)
Emphasis on the individual attainment of personal conviction or direction in painting. (Prerequisite: graduate status) (Repeatable for credit)

6250. Graduate Printmaking Studio (3-9)
Intensive individual production in advanced printmaking techniques. (Prerequisite: graduate status) (Repeatable for credit)

6370. Graduate Illustration Studio (3-9)
Techniques in illustration that meet the needs of a client and his or her audience. (Prerequisite: graduate status) (Repeatable for credit)

6400. Graduate Graphic Design Studio (3-9)
Graphic design problems leading to an understanding of major concepts in this area. (Prerequisite: graduate status) (Repeatable for credit)

6500 (ARTH). Graduate Art History Section (3)
A contract-based course for graduate students interested in studying upper-level art history to complement their degree program. Is particularly directed towards MFA students in the Department of Art and Design. (Prerequisite: graduate status) (Repeatable for credit)

6510 (ARTH). Graduate Islamic Visual Cultures ca. 600-1500 (3)
Graduate level study of Islamic art and visual culture from origins to the early modern period.

6610 (ARTH). Greek and Roman Art(3)
Origin and development of art and architecture of Crete, Mycenae, Greece, and the Roman world.

6620 (ARTH). Byzantine Art(3)
Focuses on the art and architecture of the Byzantine empire from late antiquity to the fifteenth century. In addition to including study of the visual arts, course incorporates readings in the history of religion and gender studies.

6630 (ARTH). Graduate Medieval Art(3)
Graduate level study of medieval art and visual culture from 400-1500.

6650. Graduate Ceramic Studio (3-9)
Arranged to provide time, equipment, and facilities for the graduate student to pursue directed studies. Tutorial format with group critiques. (Prerequisite: graduate status) (Repeatable for credit)

6660. Graduate Sculpture Studio (3-9)
Advanced individual problems in various media and technique. (Prerequisite: graduate status) (Repeatable for credit)

6710 (ARTH). Graduate 19th Century Art (3)
Painting and sculpture from Neoclassicism to Symbolism. (Prerequisite: Art 2720 or consent of instructor, graduate status)

6720 (ARTH). Graduate Renaissance Art(3)
Development of European art and architecture from the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries. (Prerequisite: graduate status)

6730 (ARTH). Graduate Baroque and Rococo Art(3)
Development of art and architecture in Europe from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries. (Prerequisite: graduate status)

6740 (ARTH). Graduate Modern Art (3)
This course examines the history of modern art from the nineteenth century World War II. (Prerequisite: Art 2720 or consent of instructor, graduate status)

6750 (ARTH). Graduate Contemporary Art(3)
This course examines the history of contemporary art from the 1940s to the present. (Prerequisite: graduate status)

6760 (ARTH). Graduate American Art(3)
History of painting, sculpture, and architecture from the post-impressionists to the present. (Prerequisite: graduate status)

6770 (ARTH). Graduate Gender Issues in Art(3)
Discussion of major issues and debates regarding gender in the visual arts. Topics include: revising the canon, representing gender, and theories of gender and spectatorship. Readings are discussed and applied to visual works of art. (Prerequisite: graduate status)

6790 (ARTH). Art History Seminar and Special Problems (3)
Focuses on special topics in the discipline of art history. Allows students to develop advanced research projects related to the topic of the course. Covers critical theory and methods of art history research and writing.

(Prerequisite: Graduate status and permission of instructor)

6800. Graduate Photography Studio (3-9)
Designed to cover several phases of photography with emphasis on composing what we see in an artistic manner. Also, to allow graduate students to further emphasize their thesis project area of study. (Prerequisite: graduate status)  (Repeatable for credit)

6900. Critical Theory and Contemporary Issues (3)
Deals with general topic of professional practice, including art criticism and how contemporary work relates to current social issues. (Prerequisite: graduate status) (Repeatable for credit)

6900 (ARTH). Graduate Seminar: Issues in Contemporary Art (3)
Sessions devoted to select issues prevalent in contemporary art, including the body, the real, text, gender, display, and conceptualism. Requires intensive verbal and written participation. (Sp)

6910. Graduate Interdisciplinary Critique (1)
Focuses on current work of critique participants. Bring disciplinary analysis to specific problem. (Prerequisite: graduate status) (Repeatable for credit)

6920. Graduate Independent Projects in Art (1-9)
Advanced problems in emphasis, medium, and idiom of student's choice. Student plans project and executes it through individual initiative and scheduled consultation with the instructor. (Prerequisite: Consent of instructor, graduate status) (Repeatable for credit)

6970. Research and Thesis (3)
(Prerequisite: candidacy status) (Repeatable for credit)

6990. Continuing Graduate Advisement (1-3)
(Repeatable for credit)



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