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The Art Education program prepares students to teach art in public and private schools, and to serve educational roles in other art institutions. The curriculum in Art Education takes a comprehensive approach, which includes the theory and practice of art criticism, art history, aesthetics and studio practices. The foundation of this program is the close, cooperative working relationship that exists between the local community, public school teachers, university faculty and students. The strength of this program is “real life” experience. Teacher candidates are provided with opportunities to gain interactive hands on teaching experience in actual classrooms, outreach programs, and other institutional venues. This program is also unique in that students earn several more credit hours in studio courses than those that offer BS or BA in Education. This reflects the programs commitment to producing excellent teachers who are also accomplished artists in their own right, with specialized skills and knowledge in studio disciplines. This program leads to a BFA in Art Education, with a Secondary Education Certificate. The option for a K-12 certification is also available.

Students in Art Education will be able to:

The Art Education Emphasis Requirement Page contains specific information of courses required for graduation. This information sheet is also available from the Department of Art and Design office in the Fine Arts Visual building, room 122 (FAV 122).

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