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The printmaking program strives to present the creative potential in various print media, including intaglio, lithography, relief, screen printing, non-toxic techniques, new technologies, and alternative methods. The historical traditions of printmaking are valued, while new innovations and definitions become the framework for discussion and challenge. Students explore the creative process of printmaking through skillful application and conceptual development, and learn how print media has played an important role in major art movements and in contemporary art. While expanding the definition of print, students are encouraged to develop their work in a collaborative learning environment through critical review, mentoring, engaging assignments, and discussions. The strength of the program starts with the close and cooperative working relations among the printmakers and faculty.

Printmaking BFA four year plan

Printmaking BFA portfolio review information

Printmaking BFA application

Printmaking Faculty:

Kathy Puzey

Associate Professor of Printmaking

Amanda Lee

Printmaking Area Coordinator