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  • Foundations

    The faculty of the Department of Art + Design believe that Foundations should foster creativity, self-awareness, critical thinking, and core competencies. We have designed an immersive program that gives students rigorous, intensive, and challenging training in the principles of visual art expression. Foundations builds a community of student artists, designers, and scholars who enthusiastically embrace the power of art and design to shape our worlds.

    Required Courses

    Art 1020 Drawing I – 3 credits

    Art 1120 2-Dimensional Design – 3 credits

    Art 1130 3-Dimensional Design – 3 credits

    Arth 2710 Survey of Western Art (part 1) – 3 credits

    Arth 2720 Survey of Western Art (part 2) – 3 credits

    Art 3710 Fine Art Seminar - .5 credit, take 2 semesters


    Foundations Faculty

    Drawing Coordinator
    2D Coordinator
    3D Coordinator